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Headquartered in Dum Dum, Kolkata, India, Career Radar Consultancy is a leading name in this domain, efficiently running under the leadership of Mr. Subhajit Sarkar & Sreetama Mukherjee (Owner). The company has grown magnificently well and is still rising at a rapid pace.

About our company

Career Radar is one of the leading names in the recruitment/placement industry in Dum Dum, Kolkata. They are providing a 360-degree recruitment solution to all type of industry which includes small, medium and large-scale organisations around every corner in Kolkata as well as India.

we have our local office in Dum Dum and we are helping to all kind of industries in their recruitment related problems. as per our name Career Radar which stands for ’Let Us Build a Career for You’ we always keep our priority on providing the best manpower to our clients (employers) for their long sustainable business.

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We Cover multi Industry Sectors

The competent recruitment and staffing solutions delivered by us with proper understanding of emerging service needs of our clients. The competitive staffing solutions offered by us cover different industry sectors and helps our clients in getting the required support through us. Our recruitment executives completely understand the client's requirement.


The company undertakes hiring for all job position in KPO / LPO / GPO / Design Outsourcing of various sectors. The company maintains a database of candidate profiles with relevant skills, qualifications, and experience.


The Indian Banking & Financial Sector has seen considerable growth in the past two decades. Many national and international Banks and Financial Institutions companies have established offices in different parts of the country. Thus, the need for proficient professionals in the fields of Banking & Financial Services is very high.


Engineering provides the much needed technical support to various sectors, paving way for growth. The need for proficient Engineers is always high. Addressing this need, we have developed a database of candidate profiles with different skills, qualifications, and experience in the field of Engineering. We are in a position to undertake hiring for junior to senior level positions in all streams of Engineering.


The FMCG Sector of India has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. This is because of the increased interest of Indian Consumers in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods. A number of national and international FMCG Companies have ventured in India to explore the benefits associated with the rising demands of consumers in India.

Education & Training

The number of Academic Institutes has increased drastically in India. There is a great need for efficient manpower in schools, colleges, educational institutes, etc. Addressing the need for efficient manpower in the field of Teaching, we have come up with expert Recruitment Solutions. From candidate line-up to salary negotiation, we handle it all on the client’s behalf.

Sales & Marketing

The ultimate aim for every organization is to increase the sales graph. For this innovative marketing strategies are developed and implemented. Many companies have developed dedicated Sales/ Marketing Departments to carry-out the marketing functions effectively. We understand that Sales & Marketing Professionals need to have a good communication and convincing power along with the required qualifications.


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